Thank you for participating in our clinical trials

This clinical trial is evaluating the clinical efficacy of a new product, Intesto-Guard™, in dogs with chronic diarrhea. 

Intesto–Guard™ provides pets with powerful triple protection using three main ingredients: Our Prebiotics which are Specialized yeast derivatives (Beta Glucans‚ Mannan Oligosaccharides etc)‚ Probiotics and IGY Antibodies.

The study will last for six weeks. The costs of all examinations and diagnostic tests will be covered upon successful completion of the study. Please consider enrolling your dog or your veterinary patient.

Clinical Studies & resources on the ingredients in Intesto–Guard®


Effects of supplemental fructooligosaccharides plus mannanoligosaccharides on immune function and ileal and fecal microbial populations in adult dogs.

Mannan oligosaccharide–based nutritional supplements

Action of phosphorylated mannanoligosaccharides on immune and hematological responses and fecal consistency of dogs experimentally infected with enteropathogenic Escherichia coli strains

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