Diarrhea in dogs and cats is frequently caused by microorganisms like Bacteria and Protozoa that attack the wall of the intestines.

Yes you can. It is all natural and perfectly safe. However if your pet’s diarrhea does not improve after 1–2 days‚ you must consult your Vet. You do not have to worry about the side effects of diarrhea or vomiting etc. while giving Intesto–Guard to your pet.

Yes‚ Intesto–Guard will not only help to reduce incidences of diarrhea in your pet but also will improve your pets overall immune health thereby resulting in a stronger‚ healthier‚ happier pet.

You should start to see an improvement within the first day if the diarrhea is caused by organisms susceptible to Intesto–Guard

Antibodies are Y shaped proteins in the blood that are recruited by the immune system to identify and neutralize foreign organisms in the body like bacteria and viruses. Antibodies are also called Immunoglobulins.

Yes. Your pet can take Intesto–Guardpet supplement every day to help improve its overall health.

Intesto–Guard combines special Prebiotics with Probiotics and Antibodies. It has among other things‚ Mannan Oligosaccharides and Beta Glucans which other pet probiotic and pet supplements in the market do not have.

Intesto–Guard works by providing Probiotics which help to supplement the normal flora of the GI tract
It also has components called Beta–Glucans and Mannan Oligosaccharides(MOS) which aid in reducing or preventing the attachment of dangerous microorganisms to the wall of the GI tract which once attached damages the GI tract.

Yes. Intesto–Guard is very safe
It is all natural and it does not interact negatively with other medications in the body

It can be taken by all pets

No‚ Intesto–Guard is a combination of Prebiotics (Hydrolyzed Yeasts‚ yeast Extracts)‚ Probiotics and Antibodies

No it is an all Natural Neutraceutical

Intesto–Guard can be purchased from your Vet or online at

Intesto–Guard is perfectly safe if ingested by a child or adult (it is all natural). However you should keep a close eye on your child for the next 4–5 hours to see if any negative symptoms appear.

The good news is that Intesto–Guard can be given at several times the recommended dosage without causing any harm.

Yes Intesto–Guard is very reasonably priced and far less expensive than other existing treatment options for Coccidiosis.

It can be squirted directly on your Pets food or it can be squirted directly into the mouth.

It is very palatable. Cats and dogs love the great taste. In fact you can squirt some Intesto–Guard on your pet’s food and mix it in to improve the taste of the meal.

Yes they are correct, Intesto–Guard is perfectly safe and can be given to your pets every day. It not only boosts your pet’s immune system but it also provides probiotics to keep your pet’s gut healthy.

It also provides protection to your pet by reducing or preventing the attachment of very harmful microorganisms to the walls of their intestines‚ which are trying their best to gain entry every day.

You may review the various sizes on our Product page.

It is available in 15cc, 30cc & 60cc pre-calibrated easy to use oral dosing syringes as well as 90g & 180g convenient shaker bottles.

Directions for use are included in the product description section of each Product page. They are as follows.

Directions for Paste Use:

Sick Pets

  • 1ml per 5lbs of body weight three times daily


  • 1-2mls per 10lbs of body weight daily

Directions for Powder Use:

Either sprinkle over or mix with your pet’s food to ensure complete consumption. Each level scoop is 2g.

  • 1/2 scoop for pets up to 25lbs
  • 1 scoop for pets 26 to 50lbs
  • 1.5 scoops for pets 51 to 75lbs
  • 2 scoops for pets 76 – 100lbs

Intended for Oral application only

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