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Have a Happy and Healthy Transition To Spring With Pet Probiotics for Dogs | Intesto-Guard™

Have a Happy and Healthy Transition To Spring With Pet Probiotics for Dogs

The changing of seasons affects dogs just as much as humans, and as our environment changes, our bodies inevitably go through a transition as well. The longer, warmer days of spring are always welcomed with open arms after the harsh, bitter cold of winter, however, the new season also comes with its disadvantages. Allergies are more prevalent, and bugs begin to run rampant as they emerge from their winter slumber, which can cause your dog to not feel at their best. Springtime also brings a melting of winter snow, which increases moisture on the ground of your pets’ surroundings, resulting in the proliferation of microorganisms. One way to combat the springtime blues for your dog is to ensure they have a healthy gut and immune system. Maintaining your pet on a combination of prebiotics and probiotics will decrease the chances of your pet having gastrointestinal issues. Intesto-Guard™’s prebiotic, probiotic and antibody (PPA) pet supplement does just that and more.

What Do Probiotics Do For Your Pet Dog?

Intesto-Guard’s pet probiotics for dogs help support recovery from a wide range of stomach ailments and can be used to reduce loose stools, coat and soothe the GI tract, support periodontal health, boost the immune system and promote a healthy gut.

Similar to humans, the majority of your dog’s immune system resides in his gut, and maintaining a healthy balance of good and bad bacteria is key to achieving the healthiest and happiest life for your dog, providing them with adequate protection against a variety of diseases.

This is even more critical during the spring and summer months as you and your dog are enjoying more time outdoors, potentially exposing them to unnatural substances or conditions that can disrupt the normal bacterial composition of their intestines.

A probiotic supplement is an easy step to add to your dog’s daily routine and diet that can significantly improve their quality of life and keep them happy, healthy and active for years to come. Intesto-Guard cleans and protects the GI tract leading to improved nutrient absorption, more energy, and better health overall.

The vet-formulated product comes in two forms, powder and paste, and is made up of all-natural ingredients that taste great to dogs. It is safe to use daily and can be conveniently sprinkled on top of food. In addition, it is important to note that probiotics alone cannot repair an unstable gut microbiome, but instead work best alongside a healthy, balanced diet rich in fibers and nutrients as well as regular exercise. All of this together promotes optimal wellness for your dog.

Intesto-Guard™ helps to relieve illness and promotes rapid recovery from diarrhea and stomach diseases.

Our PPA formula has everything your pet needs to get well and stay well. Shop our products and provide the most comprehensive, natural protection against common diseases for your young and mature pets today!

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