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Ilene Lartitegui
Ilene Lartitegui
Before I started using Intesto-Guard my 4 year-old Australian Shepherd was always getting diarrhea. Since I’ve been... using this product he hasn’t had a single incident. His stool is always good even when he’s more
Josette Wys Katz
Josette Wys Katz
This is truly the BEST product for constipation. My cat suffers from constipation and Intesto-Guard has helped... normalized his stools. He loves the flavor of the Intesto-Guard paste and looks forward to his morning probiotics since he sees it as a more
Courtney Tewary Bhakta
Courtney Tewary Bhakta
My dog has always had great stools up until the last year or so. He began having diarrhea multiple times a day for... about 6 months or so. I discontinued his arthritis medications, got him checked for parasites and performed bloodwork. No remarkable findings or changes to his stools. I started him on Intesto-Guard and within a few weeks his stools went from cow patties to normal logs! He actually looks forward to me sprinkling it on top of his food because he enjoys the taste. I’m extremely impressed with the Intesto-Guard powder product and will continue using it forever! :)read more
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