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Intesto-Guard™ Earns Patent Approval on Proven, Vet-Curated Formulas

Intesto-Guard™ Earns Patent Approval on Proven, Vet-Curated Formulas


Newton, Iowa – December 2021 – Intesto-Guard™, the premier gastrointestinal (GI) pet supplement, is proud to announce its proven paste and powder formulas have received patent approval from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. This milestone marks a pivotal moment in the company’s history, which first launched in 2017, as it seeks to fulfill its mission of providing complete gut health and improved quality of life for all pets.

Intesto-Guard helps support the recovery of a wide range of stomach ailments and can be used to reduce diarrhea, coat/soothe the GI tract, support periodontal health, boost the immune system and promote a healthy gut. Some common gastrointestinal diseases that Intesto-Guard helps to resolve are inflammatory bowel disease and ulcerative colitis.

Since 2017, Intesto-Guard has helped countless pets achieve healthier‚ happier and stronger lives with its powerful triple protection formula made up of prebiotics, probiotics and IgY antibodies (PPA).

“The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has just issued a novel, first-of-its-kind patent using a dietary supplement composition for the resolution of diarrhea in companion animals, pocket pets, birds and horses,” said Dr. Valentino Grant, veterinarian/company director at Intesto-Guard. “Intesto-Guard’s dietary supplement comprising of a prebiotic yeast component, a probiotic component and an immune effector protein component (IgY antibodies) — together called PPA — is leading an exciting new wave of natural treatments for pet owners and veterinary practitioners.”

Pet PPAs can be used both preemptively, prior to boarding or during a diet change, to help prevent the disruption of the normal bacterial composition in the intestines or after the onset of diarrhea to provide recovery support. Ultimately, Intesto-Guard believes all pets can benefit from a daily PPA supplement no matter the circumstances.

Similar to humans, the gut is the largest immune organ in the body and contains approximately 70% of all immune cells. Thus, keeping a healthy balance of good and bad bacteria is vital for your pet’s overall well-being as well as providing them with adequate protection against a variety of diseases. Supplementing your pet’s diet with PPAs can make all the difference in the world between living with a chronically ill pet and a healthy pet.

A PPA supplement, such as Intesto-Guard, is an easy step to add to your pet’s daily routine and diet that can significantly improve their quality of life and keep them happy and active for years to come. Intesto-Guard cleans and protects the GI tract leading to improved nutrient absorption, more energy and better health overall.

The vet-formulated product comes in two forms, powder and paste, and is made up of all-natural ingredients that taste great to pets. It is safe to use daily and can be conveniently sprinkled on top of food. However, PPAs alone cannot repair an unstable gut microbiome. Instead, they work best alongside a healthy, balanced diet rich in fibers and nutrients as well as regular exercise. All of this together promotes optimal wellness for your pet.

Intesto-Guard’s PPA formula has everything your pet needs to get well and stay well. Clinical trials are underway at Iowa State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine and The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine to further evaluate the efficacy of Intesto-Guard, but the results and testimonials speak for themselves. Follow along on Facebook and Instagram and shop Intesto-Guard’s products to provide the most comprehensive, natural protection against common diseases for your young and mature pets today!

For more information, contact Intesto-Guard by phone/WhatsApp at 563-231-7999 or email info@intesto-guard.com.

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